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Oct 4, 2019

(International Podcast Day) 3X Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker & Trainer, Success Coach & Business Strategist, and Host of The Millionaire Woman Show Podcast.

She gets energized and excited about raising standards, creating breakthrough opportunities, and challenging people to step into their potential and share their gifts.

She thought she had been challenging herself to strive and become a better version of herself until she had to do a self-reflection exercise on “My Why and Signature Presence” in her coaching program.  It was then, she discovered she had this underlying belief, “Now is not the time?”

A tragedy shaped her life. It defined her purpose to ensure that people are sharing who they are and what unique gifts they bring to the world. People may say, “It is better to give than receive.” She believes, “You must give to receive – we all win!” The world needs your gift, in order, for all to receive.

Devi and Debra discuss:

  • Debra's exciting podcast journey
  • Developing your own expertise on your own platform
  • Tying your business and your podcast together
  • Sticking with the principles
  • Being unstoppable when going for your goals
  • Taking yourself out of the game
  • Showcasing your credibility through your podcast
  • Focusing on your growth as a person
  • The difference between podcasting and broadcasting
  • Being able to share your guests in your podcast
  • Elevating your show through your guests
  • Inspiring other people through your podcast
  • Podcasting is not as hard as you think
  • Pre-recording your podcast to help you focus on your business
  • Never procrastinating with your podcast
  • Stop thinking and start inking!

and more…

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