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Oct 5, 2019

(International Podcast Day) Emerald Peaceful GreenForest is an internationally known Speaker, Transformation Artist and Hostess of the Men On Purpose Podcast, hired by inspired executives and visionary change agents to who want to become crystal clear in their vision, wholeheartedly committed to their mission and massively motivated to advance their biggest ideas and profit from their purpose.

Devi and Emerald discuss:

  • Emerald’s inspiring journey of podcasting
  • Emerald’s calling in serving men 
  • How Emerald’s podcast was born
  • Podcasting for healing
  • Being able to fully express yourself with a podcast
  • Creating a platform for yourself
  • Moving into Leadership
  • Being "Icons of Influence"
  • Living your Purpose
  • The opportunity of "being in the ears" of other people
  • Having a high-ticket offer
  • Leveraging your podcast for press events
  • Connecting with other podcasters
  • Harmonizing Our Culture and Our World

and more…

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