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Apr 25, 2019

In this episode, Devi chats with Dave Adams and Sandi Everingham of the Decanted podcast.  Life partners, creative professionals and co-hosts of Dacanted, Dave Adams and Sandi Everingham have a passion for wine adventure, especially in their home state of Washington. The state is the second largest producer of wine in the United States with close to 1000 wineries and a terroir that one winemaker dubbed, “a Disneyland for grape growing.” It’s a tough job to try them all, but they are willing to do the grueling work. Dave and Sandi have created an entertaining and educational hybrid show that features interviews with notable winemakers in a narrative storytelling style. Listeners will also learn from wine educators, hear about industry events and wine travel destinations. They recently became students of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) so while they learn, you will too.

Dave is in the UX biz for a gigantic Borg machine, former basement beer brewer, old-timey impressionist and enjoys hearing the sound of his own voice.

Sandi herds artistic cats in the game industry, an artist and professional coach. Unsurprisingly, her favorite toy as a child was a tape recorder.

Devi, Adam and Sandi discuss: 

  • Their exciting and unique podcasting journey
  • How they started their podcast together
  • How they chose a name for their podcast
  • Focusing on the story-telling aspect for their podcast
  • How to integrate your podcast into your brand
  • Their experiences being co-hosts and partners in real life
  • Their favorite episodes together
  • The benefits of starting a podcast
  • Their wonderful podcast stories
  • Their favorite wine stories
  • Learning more about wines
  • Their favorite wines
  • Their vision for their podcasting journey
  • Enhancing your business through your podcast
  • Promoting brands to promote your business
  • Their ideal interview guest
  • Making a vision board for your podcast and business
  • How to develop your own podcast
  • Exploring the identity of your podcast
  • Basing your podcast on your strengths
  • Listening to other podcasts
  • Knowing your strengths as a person
  • Exploring your podcast format and style

and more…

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