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May 17, 2019

In this episode, Devi chats with Jen Mavros of the Jen Mavros Show. Hailed by Influencive Media as "a woman you need to know because of her ability to stir your soul", Jen Mavros is a Modern Day Spiritual Messenger, Hostess of the hit podcast - The Jen Mavros Show, which is ranked one of the top Spiritual podcasts on iTunes. She is the creator of the Loving Humanity Forward movement and The Mavros Method of Manifestation - a holistic pathway into empowered living.

As a voice for Love, she's dedicated her life to helping individuals manifest their soulfully aligned desires and dreams in life and in business - so you can be inwardly aware and outwardly successful.

A student of holistic self-mastery, she is an Internationally certified and licensed Life Coach having received training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP] and is currently obtaining her Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Science. Jen also has a comprehensive understanding of energy through her work in the Akashic Records, as a Reiki and Pranic Healing Practitioner and her studies in Metaphysics and Meditation. 

For the past several years, through her soulful online courses, retreats, and 1-to-1 offerings, she has had the pleasure of having served and supported over 5900+ purpose-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, businesswomen, healers, coaches, creatives and holistic network marketers from around the world, to co-create the lives and businesses they truly desire.

Jen is looking forward to connecting with you, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul.

Devi and Jen discuss:

  • Jen’s extraordinary podcasting journey
  • Jen's podcast as a loving voice and empowerment to the world
  • How Jen started “The Jen Mavros Show”
  • Growing your show 
  • Having your mentors and your peers as your guests
  • Reaching out and sending emails to people
  • Making your emails more personal for better results
  • How to reach out to influencers
  • Tips on asking questions properly and having the right timing
  • Having the perspective of “worthiness”
  • Owning your confidence as a Divine Being
  • Believing that the universe has got your back
  • Being an “empath podcaster”
  • Allowing yourself to be authentically you
  • Holding your ego really well
  • Tools for recording episodes
  • "Praying over" or creating an intention when recording your episodes
  • Being in the "gratitude space"
  • The integration piece of Jen's show and her business
  • How Jen's life has shifted since she started her show
  • Jen's favorite feedbacks from her listeners
  • Hiring and outsourcing your weaknesses
  • Honoring yourself and being creative with your podcast
  • Showing more authenticity on your podcast
  • Realizing that the content is not only for your audience
  • Visually programming yourself
  • Jen's dream guest list

and more…

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