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Oct 8, 2019

(International Podcast Day) Scott Carson (aka “the Note Guy) has been an active real estate investor since 2002 and solely focused on the distressed mortgage and note industry since 2008 where he buys and sells non-performing mortgages directly from banks and hedge funds on properties all across the country.

Scott is the CEO of, an Austin, Texas-based real estate firm. He has purchased over half a billion dollars in distressed debt for his own portfolio and purchases assets in over 30 states across the United States, while also helping thousands of other real estate investors make money along the way.

He is a highly sought after speaker on distressed debt, marketing and raising private capital. He has also been featured in Investor’s Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal and Scott is also the host of the popular podcast, “the Note Closers Show” and provides regular content across his YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels. An avid sports fan and reader, he spends his free time attending sporting events, concerts, and traveling to new places.

Devi and Scott discuss:

  • Scott’s podcasting journey
  • Doing podcasts and radio at the same time
  • Being a media host
  • Systemizing your podcast editing
  • Bringing in sponsorships for your podcast
  • Tools that will help you save time as a podcaster
  • Expanding your audience
  • Boosting your YouTube response
  • Utilizing your podcast for your business
  • Taking your videos to a whole new level
  • Taking your time and getting started
  • Being yourself
  • Doing videos alongside your podcast
  • Doing Facebook LIVES
  • Scott’s inspiration for doing podcasts and videos
  • Get started with 20-30 episodes
  • Avoiding “podfade”

and more…

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