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Oct 9, 2019

(International Podcast Day) Amy Schuber is a Life & Business Coach. She has been working with women leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals for the past decade. She loves guiding women back to themselves with her strategic mind, savvy spirituality, curated resources and straight-up smarts. She has an innate ability to see client’s true potential and strategies needed to unlock the possibilities. Amy is also the host of the Inspired Conversations bringing insight from today’s thought leaders to help all of us live into life and business in the most conscious, mindful way! Amy truly believes, ‘You are the one you’ve been waiting for’.

Devi and Amy discuss:

  • Amy’s inspiring journey as the host of the “Inspired Conversations” podcast
  • How Amy started her podcast
  • Making a guest list for your show
  • Getting clear on why you want to start your podcast
  • Being present in the conversation
  • Trusting yourself on what to say next in the conversation
  • Following a certain template to start your conversation
  • Preparing for your episodes
  • Reminiscing on Amy’s funniest and most inspired conversations
  • Creating the show that you want
  • Connecting your podcast with your personality
  • Doing the things that you think would make your podcast unique
  • Trusting yourself
  • Podcasting with heart
  • Finding your way through the podcast
  • Giving yourself space and time

and more…

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