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Oct 14, 2019

(International Podcast Day) Lou Diamond is THE Master Connector.  He has over a quarter century of experience in sales, relationship management, business development and executive coaching.

Lou is an International Speaker, Motivator, Consultant, Coach, and Best-selling Author.  He was a top producer for Accenture, Deloitte, Omnicom, Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, leading teams to achieve record revenues year after year. 

Lou is the CEO and founder of THRIVE, a leading consulting and coaching firm focused on making the most incredible leaders, performers and companies even more amazing.  He hosts Thrive LOUD, one of the most popular business podcast shows dedicated to inspiring people to reach their peak potential in every facet of their life.

Lou has consulted, mentored and presented to leading performers at hundreds of companies across the globe.  His authenticity, energy and enthusiasm, along with his unwavering passion and desire for helping people achieve their business and personal goals, is unmatched.

Lou’s inspiring keynote presentation: “Connect to Thrive”  - will send you on your way feeling as though you can conquer the world.... and make tons of great new connections doing it.

Devi and Lou discuss:

  • Lou’s journey into podcasting
  • Connecting through your podcast
  • The impact of podcasting in Lou’s life and business
  • Sharing your unique message
  • Helping your guest open their world to your audience
  • Establishing your guest with your audience
  • Reminiscing on Lou’s favorite memories in podcasting
  • Realizing how podcasting is powerful
  • Awareness of the podcasting platform
  • Integrating your podcast into your business
  • Stories of successful businesses
  • Figuring out your specific niche
  • Being clear on the way you communicate
  • Sponsored episodes
  • Targeting your message effectively
  • Lou’s favorite tool for podcasting
  • Getting your voice "out there" through podcasting

and more…

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