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Mar 14, 2019

In this episode, Devi chats Emerald GreenForest who is the Founder & Lead Visionary of Creative Age Consulting Group. An internationally known speaker, transformation artist, Be The Change “Movement To Watch” Award Winner, Hostess of the Men On Purpose Podcast and one of America’s Premier Experts, she works with multidimensional visionary leaders who are called to be the Vanguard of the Creative Age. Emerald has been a serial entrepreneur for more than 30 years. A Quilly Award-winning writer whose work and a message have been featured in multiple books and magazines, she’s also appeared on the major media and on over 500 live and virtual stages.

Devi and Emerald discuss:

  • Emerald's life-transforming journey through launching the “Men on Purpose” podcast
  • Showcasing “Men on Purpose”
  • Emerald's calling to work with men
  • Men who have the courage to bring out their calling to the world
  • Men who are committed wholeheartedly living their calling
  • Discovering more about men
  • Learning that there are really “magnificent men” throughout the world
  • The “Perfect Prospect Process”
  • Being able to invite guests who are a great role model to other men
  • Having more media credibility
  • How to start utilizing and take advantage of your podcast
  • Leveraging virtual speaking such as webinars, videos, tele-summits, podcasts, etc.
  • How to make your listeners stay with you
  • Knowing who and where your clients are that could benefit from your show
  • How you know that your podcast is working
  • Making sure that your podcast is on every possible platform
  • How to grow your show over time
  • Asking your guests to share your episodes
  • Sharing your episodes on social media
  • Platforms and apps that can help grow your show
  • The challenge of staying on purpose

and more…

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